2023 Sponsor Information

Welcome and thank you for becoming a sponsor for Methods to the Madness 2023, our first online homeschool event. We’re grateful for this opportunity and pray it will bless all participants.

We are working hard to curate helpful, encouraging, and inspirational resources for families in the homeschool community. We’re also enthusiastic about the families who will learn about your products and services. We’re determined to strengthen the culture within the homeschool community in which homeschoolers support homeschoolers.

As we prepare for the event, we want to make sure you are informed and in the loop. In addition to reading details on the Sponsor Information Page, you can expect to receive at least one monthly Sponsor Announcement Email. We will do our best to provide clear, concise, and timely information to you in all our communications.

Methods to the Madness

A Free, Online & Interactive Homeschool Event

June 26-30, 2023

9am to 2pm MST


Your sponsorship allows us to make an impact in the lives of many families in your state and across the nation.

Most homeschool graduates do not have a grade-school alma mater, so by becoming a sponsor you are pouring back into the next generation. 

As an event sponsor, you will be exposed to our network of homeschool families across the nation. 

Homeschool families are of different demographics, family size, interests, and goals. 

However, we selected local categories because your services are important to homeschool families who want to support local and/or small businesses. 

We often hear fellow homeschoolers express how difficult it is to find quality businesses who share similar values. We’re doing our best to mend this by exposing businesses like yours, members or advocates of the homeschool community, to the homeschool community.  

You offer quality products and services that homeschool families use and need and we want to see you grow your business with loyal and appreciative customers. Please feel free to use the tips and resources below to promote your business to your current and potential customers. 

  • First Impressions: Websites don’t need to be fancy, but they should be professional and communicate your products and services clearly. Does your business do this? If not, your time will not be wasted by sprucing up your website look and content to increase your potential of a new customer. 
  • Prompt Response: An email or phone call means someone is looking for our business. It’s a hot lead! A prompt response is the only common sense way to avoid missing opportunities. 
  • Customer Service Matters: Once someone contacts your through your website, a warm greeting can go a long way. When people feel appreciated and cared for, they’re more eager to support you…and can be more forgiving when hiccups happen.
  • Good Service: Consistently offering good products and services is a no-brainer to retaining a customer. We all know when someone takes pride in their work. Even the most mundane service can become a life lesson if done by a person with passion. It beams from them and the evidence is clear in the end result. 
  • Stay Connected: By adding an email list to your website, you can be proactive by staying connected with your current and potential customers. If you’re not in an industry that often sends out a newsletter, be creative. You don’t want to spam them with useless information. Consider national holidays – which are a good time to send a warm greeting to your email list. A quarterly update with tips for your customers. Or start by sharing about causes you stand behind, like this event. You may not need to send an email every day, week, or month, but creating a plan to meaningfully communicate is important. 
  • Follow Up: Once the service is rendered or the product is bought, what do you do? Do you follow up? Do you ask for a review? Again, a plan for communication is a part of a strong business strategy.
  • Business for Good: By becoming a sponsor you have labeled yourself as a business with purpose beyond the products and services you provide. That’s a good thing! Consumer’s want to patron businesses who care about offering quality products and services AND who have passion to impact society in positive ways. You can use the resources below to help you share and bring awareness about why you support this important cause.

Sponsor Awareness Flyer

  • Follow us on social media: First, by following Homeschool Days on social media, it easier for us to tag our Sponsors when we see someone requesting a product or service. 
  • Post the flyer on your personal and business social media page with a meaningful caption: This makes it authentic, relatable, and easily shareable by those who see it – plus, our HSD media team has plans to reshare this image on our stories tagging our Sponsor who share it.
  • Print it for your current customers: This is common for brick-and-mortar business to post interesting flyers by the register, storefront window, or regularly viewed bulletin boards. Your customers will likely notice and and grow in loyalty for your company.
  • Include it in your monthly newsletter: By include the graphic in your regular newsletters heading to the event you’ll make more people aware of this event and establish your business as one who cares. 
  • Text it to fellow business owners who support homeschooling: In some states, we need more sponsors in different categories than yours and would appreciate your help to spread the word. We’re thankful for businesses like you who want to see homeschooling grow and families thrive.
  • Extend your impact: We encourage you to extend your impact by letting people know about this event who you personally know by word-of-mouth. Families on this homeschooling journey who need encouragement, guidance and/or inspiration along the way will appreciate your recommendation…and so will we!

As you may know, home education is still only practiced by a minority of the population. Even further, each homeschool family is vastly different, so we want to encourage families to remain steadfast on this path that can feel overwhelmingly peculiar at times. Since this is an online event, it’s important to make connection with your visual presence, written messages, and your replies when you receive a call or email. We want attendees to know our Sponsors care about them and the community they’re a part of. We believe this will provide a positive perception of your business…which is a plus for everyone!

As one of our valued Sponsors, we want to see your success and we look forward to a wonderful event ahead!


Blessings to you, your family, and your business!

The Homeschool Days Team


I have no greater joy than to hear of my children walking in truth. – John 1:4

A Message From the Founders

Homeschool Days was an idea that started in January 2020 with a goal to support the homeschool community. At that time we were a homeschooling family of seven, with our children ranging from toddler to highschool freshman. Like many of you, we started our homeschool research when our first child was still in the belly. We’ve since added another little one to our crew, born in 2022, and look forward to many more years of learning alongside our children.

When we began developing HSD, our hope was to accomplish several important goals:

  • Provide a way for homeschoolers to support fellow homeschoolers (including alumni) during every part of their journey.
  • Make finding resources easier.
  • Make finding local groups and programs easier.
  • Make finding homeschool events easier.
  • Make finding volunteer and job opportunities for homeschool students easier.
  • Financially support homeschool programs and students through educational grants.
  • Create ways for homeschoolers to support homeschoolers.

We are also big fans of homeschooling remaining private, with little to no restrictions, in order to allow families the flexibility to instill a love of learning within each child, and to choose methods and paths that best suit each child’s needs. We understand the concerns of many veteran homeschoolers who have fought and continue to fight for pro-homeschool laws and parental freedoms.

Personally, we’ve been blessed with wonderful friendships and mentors who’ve helped us, and continue to help us maintain a healthy and peaceful family rhythm through the seeds of wisdom and knowledge they’ve planted into our lives. There is so much value in gleaning from the experience and guidance of others, so we hope HSD will do for you what our mentors have done for us. We hope you will both give and receive value from the HSD community. And, we hope the best for your homeschool days.

Blessings from our family to yours,

The Scotts